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Under screed insulation with İzobozz Polyester Fiber Felt

Kasım 18, 2021 ile admin

Why is Under screed insulation needed?

In the case of that the builder company dont use insulation for under screed it will be cause of big problems between the apartment dwellers. However, the cause of argument is the sound which coming from your neighbor but actually the real suspect is the builder company that who dont use the correct insulation material. Sound spread as the wave. therefore every part of your home that the builder company aint use insulation material is the potential unproofed area for sound.

Under Screed insulation creates a free place for you and for your childs who need a space for live, under screed insulation is saves your privacy, and gives you a comfortable area for living.

Easy to apply, saving time and Money.

İf you choose İzobozz for insulation it means that you you choose to saving. Because İzobozz is can apply easly like carpet and dont need any sticky tape for installation. You can save application time and extra material what you need for other insulation materials. Also, you can bend izobooz easily all over the wall equal as thickness of screed. And you dont need extra plastic material for holding screed on top of izobozz, because izobozz is a hydrophobic material therefore you dont need extra izolation for holding screed on top. After you spread izobozz on floor you can work on it, izobozz is enough durability for working on.

Sound and Thermal insulation in same time.

İzobozz Felt is also using as a thermal insulation material in and on every place of thermal insulation needed. Therefore you can use İzobozz as thermal and sound insulation material in same time.

Technical data

All of this data is measured by TSE in their labs and certificated by them.

  • Izobozz is lose only %2.86 of total durability under 5 kPa after 10 years.
  • You can use İzobozz as thermal insulation in same time and the λ of izobozz felt is 0.034.
  • Under screed sound insulation value is 29 Db.

Izobozz Polyester Fiber Felt is the best choice for insulation.